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 Born on the west coast to a Nutritionist and Dietitian, I grew up in a home that celebrated the wholesomeness of natural foods. I was given a camera at age six and allowed to use the stove at seven, because as my mother told me, “food should be made from scratch.” This opened my eyes to learning about my two loves, food (particularly the healthy kind) and photography.

After a fortuitous experience as a baker/pastry chef  in my hospitality school’s restaurant and hotel, I continued to explore the world of food. My love of learning and teaching on all things “food and drink” has led me to participate in chef’s workshops, farm visits, and consult for an international food organization. A proud omnivore, I find that these experiences enable me to  showcase the natural beauty and benefits of all foods, for groups of all ages.

 I look for every opportunity to connect to what’s happening in food globally. From trends in the American restaurant industry to ingenious elementary school kitchen menus, to how the French are tackling food waste to Africa’s super crops, I am particularly enamored by projects combining themes of food, travel, social good and education. If you would like me to be part of a program in your organization, please contact me.

When I’m not cooking, photographing or writing about food, you’ll find me reading up on dietary health. Why? I like to have a dish for everyone at the table.

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